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The Rev Show broadcasts LIVE every Monday night from 6-9 pm ET! Join DJ North as he plays great music from his studio in New Brunswick, Canada!
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Our stream can now be heard 24 x 7 on TuneIn! Just search for "Revolution Show" Be sure to favorite our station!

               Dubbs                       Tommy G
                  Outreach                            Executive
               Event Staff                           Producer/DJ
    DJ North       Coming Soon      DJ Will the Chill        DJ Sandman             
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    We Want You!       Dave           Remster              
           -DJ                             -DJ                      -DJ                           
                                                             New Music Director      Youth Outreach Coordinator

       Tommy G                        Rodney                    RJ
         - Web Design                -Marketing Coordinator          - Founder

WHO are we?
-The Revolution Show began in 2003 as the first ever LIVE Christian Rock/Metal/Alternative/Rap radio show in New Hampshire. We produce a weekly, local & live Christian Music Show. We put on Concerts and Events and help by promoting other local Christian Events via our Promotions Team. Our Mission? We seek to bring positive Christian music, artists and events to NH, where they can minister to our followers through their music and testimonies. Our annual Summer Kickoff event has grown over the years, and regularly draws over 500 teens, kids, and young adults. We strive to be the salt and light in NH, and to redefine what it means to be a Christian Radio Ministry. We have brought many nationally known artists to live concerts in central and southern NH. Bands like Disciple, Seventh Day Slumber, Manic Drive, Superchick, Lecrae, Trip Lee, Flame, John Reuben, Phanatik, Seabird, Manafest, The Letter Black, Bread Of Stone and many, more!

- WHAT are we? Our theme has always been 'The Show That Rocks To A Different Beat'. When you listen to the music we play and the message that we share, that 'Different Beat' becomes obvious fairly quickly.

- WHEN are we? We have a live Radio Show and on-line stream Every Friday and Saturday night from 7-10pm, and now every Monday night from 6 to 9pm! Currently our shows air on,,,, and

- WHY are we? The Revolution Show's target audience is the 12-25 year old age group. However our reach is far greater than that. We set ourselves apart by encouraging people to draw closer to Christ, and by being an authentic alternative to all other music shows and stations in NH. We strive to provide a music ministry that is always on the cutting edge, fun, crazy and relevant to teens and young adults.

-HOW are we? The Revolution Show is not affiliated with any one particular Church or Denomination. As a result, we are free to network with youth leaders, organizations, and pastors from churches all over New England and New York. WORD OF MOUTH FROM OUR FAITHFUL LISTENERS AND CONCERT GOERS IS CRUCIAL TO HELPING US GROW OUR MINISTRY!!!
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