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6 LIVE broadcasts each week!
The Rev Show is now LIVE every Monday night from 6-9 pm, Tuesday night from 6-8 pm, Wednesday night from 7 to 10pm, Thursday night from 5-8 and Friday & Saturday nights from 7 to 10 pm, ET! Check out our full schedule broken down by format on our EVENTS P
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Our stream can be heard 24 x 7 for FREE on the TuneIn app! Just search for "Revolution Show" and be sure to favorite our station!

Welcome to the Revolution Show!
We are the Show that Rocks to a 'Different Beat'!
You can NOW hear us spreading this Different Beat every Monday and Weddnesday through Saturday night!! You can listen to our LIVE stream here or on Sam Cloud, and coming back soon to an FM station near you!

Our Shows are live 5 nights a week! Mondays from 6 to 9PM, Wednesdays from 7 to 10PM, Thursdays from 5 to 8PM, and as always, every Friday and Saturday from 7-10PM.

To listen online, just click on one of the links below!

Please note that our LIVE shows only stream during the times listed above. The rest of the time we stream our entire library according to the current format block schedule, which can be found on our EVENTS page!
We are currently working on the ability to host a podcast..

Don't forget that you can always send us a request or shout-out! You can get in touch with us in many ways:

1) Tag us with your request on any of our social media

2) Send us an email to request@revolutionshow.org

3) DM us via FB Messenger or

4) Tweet us your requests

We can be heard on native apps in the following countries - the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Germany and Poland!! Here are the links to our native stations:

Live Radio IE

Radio Plug UK

Radio Germany

Radio UK

Online Radio Box

One Stop Radio App

Tune You

Radio FM App

Live Radio


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