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8.6.2023 Thank You SoulFest! We had an amazing time this year! We made many new friends and connections and got some serious Worship on! The Revolution would like to thank everyone at The SoulFest and all the volunteers who made this year so special! THANK YOU!! read more
7.4.2023 Approaching our 20th year! This July begins our 20th year as The Revolution! What started as a one night a week 2 hour show in 2003, has grown to a 24x7 stream, and 3 LIVE shows every week. Please join us as we celebrate the Revolution that Jesus started! read more
8.7.2023 You can call us! You can phone in your requests or shout-outs via our Toll Free # ! 800-997-6050 You can also leave us a voicemail with your request if we are not able to pick up! read more
15 July 2023 - Rev Show 20th Anniversary Event

3 August 2023 - Soulfest 2023

4 August 2023 - Soulfest 2023

5 August 2023 - Soulfest 2023

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