We are looking for DJs!!
Do you like music? Do you like to create playlists and talk about artists, concerts, and new music? The Rev Show has 3 immediate openings for new DJs! If you'd like to get involved contact us today!
Sponsor The Revolution Show!
We are looking for businesses to sponsor our shows. We have extremely affordable rates & lots of options to fit your budget! We can spread the word about your brand or business in many ways..on-air, our website, & via our social pages. Contact us today!

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Support Level

12.9.2020 Thank you to our sponsors! We would like to thank Southside Bible Church and Midnight Sky Enterprises for their faithful sponsorship of our show! Check them out today! read more
10.15.2020 Streaming Schedule You can always find the current streaming schedule by going to our Facebook page. Whether it is live shows, or the format schedule, it's all at the top of our FB page! read more
5.6.2020 Looking for Radio Partners The Revolution Show is currently looking for any radio partner that would like to host 1 or more hours of our LIVE content each & every Friday and Saturday night. read more
5 August 2021 - SoulFest Thursday

6 August 2021 - SoulFest Friday

7 August 2021 - SoulFest 2021 Finale

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