Welcome back DJ Will the Chill!
The Rev Show welcomes back Will The Chill to the DJ booth! Will begins hosting his show on Friday nights starting in April.
If you'd like to become a dj, contact us today!
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We are looking for businesses to sponsor our shows. We have extremely affordable rates & lots of options to fit your budget! We can spread the word about your brand or business in many ways..on-air, our website, & via our social pages. Contact us today!

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3.19.2021 Le Revolution Nord! We are excited to have a Canadian web presence! We extend a huge welcome to our listeners and fans from Canada!! We're happy you found us! read more
2.15.2021 Streaming Schedule You can always find the current streaming schedule by going to our Facebook page. Whether it is live shows, or the format schedule, it's all at the top of our FB page! read more
5.20.2021 See you at SoulFest 2021! We are looking forward to attending SoulFest again this year for our 18th year in a row! We'll be hosting the ice cream contest as usual! YOU can get 10% off your tickets between now and July 12th by using the code "REVOLUTION" read more
5 August 2021 - SoulFest Thursday

6 August 2021 - SoulFest Friday

7 August 2021 - SoulFest 2021 Finale

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