Looking for DJs!!
Do you like music? Do you like to create playlists and talk about music? The Rev Show has immediate openings for 2 new DJs! If you'd like to get involved contact us today!
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You can listen to the Revolution Show anywhere, anytime with your smartphone, tablet, or other smart device. Just click the link below!
How come you do not donate to the Revolution Show?

3.4.2017 Fund The Rev- We want to say Thank You to the 3 donors who gave generously to Fund The Rev! We also want to thank all of the artists who came in or called!! read more
3.24.2017 Calling All DJs We provide training and the music, all you have to do is drive! Interested? Email us at dj@revolutionshow.org read more
3.24.2017 We Need Your Support! Please consider making a donation to The Revolution Show.. In most cases, your gifts are tax deductible. Click on the donate button above to help us stay on the air! read more
3 March 2017 - Fund The Revolution!

4 March 2017 - Something's Happening!

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